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Progressive Stamping

Product Number:Progressive Die
TURNKEY is a leading high precision hardwares manufacturer in Taiwan. With more than 40 years' experience in this industry in Taiwan, TURNKEY understands how to comply with your needs! We offer metal progressive stamping parts as per your request. We provide engineered solutions that create the most costs-effective manufacturing process and best products for our customers. Our progressive stamping parts service is beyond your expectation! We hope you give us an opportunity to offer you our progressive stamping parts services.
  • Progressive die/stamping is one of the best ways to run mass production with precision and critical tolerance for metal parts. Progressive stamping is efficient to reach the best production capacity within short time. We have more than 6 progressive stamping machines, which include C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses and C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses with progressive manufacturing facility. We are capable of managing both small and big roll-out projects as per your delivery schedule.
    Mold Making Process:​

    Progressive Die molding
    Manufacturing Process:

    Progressive Parts Production:

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