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TURNKEY SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. is a leading high precision CNC machining parts manufacturer in Taiwan.
Our products include CNC machining parts, customized fasteners, progressive stamping parts, and welding parts.
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  • More than 40 years' experience in this industry
  • Specialize in custom high precision hardware products
  • Provide best services to our customers all around the world. (e.g. Europe, USA, Japan, Middle East, and Australia)

TURNKEY – Offer a Reliable Supply Chain
  • In order to provide our customers one stop turnkey procurement experience, Turnkey Solutions combine with various production processes, like turning, machining, forging, stamping, casting, various surface treatment, assembly, packaging, then shipment.
  • Surface treatment service including anodizing, sand blasting, passivation, black oxide, Hot Dip Galv. chrome plating, zinc plating, etc..., and we have the most advanced and biggest chrome plating facility in Asia.
  • To provide our customers with world class high precision CNC machines parts, we have invested state-of-the -art CNC Multi-Axis lathe and Swiss Automatics in-house. 
  • We use carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and plastic. 
  • We have provided our high precision CNC machines parts to many types of industries including tools and dies, machinery, agricultural, furniture manufacturers, automotive, medical, dental and consumer goods industries.
  • We provide engineered solutions that create the most costs-effective manufacturing process and best products for our customers.
Supply Chain

TURNKEY - Offer Highest Quality Products
  • We only use Grade A raw materials
  • All material is well wrapped to prevent scratches and rust
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TURNKEY - Quality Control
Quality is everything ~ we have many up-to-date inspection instruments in-house for QC inspection. 
QC check before production, during production, and before packaging    qcequipments
TURNKEY - Efficient Service
  • Your inquiry will be replied within 24hrs (working day)
  • English service to meet international demand
  • Real-time text via various APPs is welcome (e.g. Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat…, etc.)
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TURNKEY - Punctual Delivery
  • Formal production lead time is about 4 weeks the receipt of your approval to our drawings/samples.
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TURNKEY - Keep Moving Forward:
  • R&D meeting to make improvements to our design once a month
  • Internal meeting to bridge every department once a week
  • Develop new materials and solutions to bring down costs 

TURNKEY - Design
We have well-trained designers who can offer designs using AutoCad and Solidworks formats.
With the help of our engineering team, we will advise you on the best method of manufacturing for each application and specific part geometry.

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TURNKEY - Production Capabilities:
  • TURNKEY has a production area of over 6,600 square meters (about 71,000 square feet)
  • We are able to serve both small projects and big roll-out projects. 
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TURNKEY - Solar Panels:
To protect the earth and make our planet greener, we will install solar panels at the roof to generate clean energy.  
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