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TURNKEY SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. is a leading high precision CNC machining parts manufacturer in Taiwan.
Our products include CNC machining parts, customized fasteners, stamping parts, welding parts, and plastic injection parts.
  • In order to provide our customers one stop turnkey procurement experience, Turnkey Solutions combine with various production processes, like turning, machining, forging, stamping, casting, various surface treatment, assembly, packaging, then shipment.
  • Surface treatment service including anodizing, sand blasting, passivation, black oxide, Hot Dip Galv. chrome plating, zinc plating, etc..., and we have the most advanced and biggest chrome plating facility in Asia.
  • To provide our customers with world class high precision CNC machines parts, we have invested state-of-the -art CNC Multi-Axis lathe and Swiss Automatics in-house. 
  • We use carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and plastic. 
  • We have provided our high precision CNC machines parts to many types of industries including tools and dies, machinery, agricultural, furniture manufacturers, automotive, medical, dental and consumer goods industries.
  • We provide engineered solutions that create the most costs-effective manufacturing process and best products for our customers.
Primary Equipments 
  1. High frequency dissolution furnace 250KW Host
  2. CNC Precision Automatic Lathe by Japan Precision Tsugami
  3. Suspended spray washer
  4. Peripheral casting equipment
  5. C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses 25T/60T/80T/110T/160T/200T with progressive tools manufacturing
  6. Robot welding machine
  7. Argon welder 50A
  8. CO2 Hand welder
  9. Spot welding machine
  10. Auto de-burr brush machine
  11. Pipe Bending machine 40A
  12. Press Brake 5KVA
  13. Amada NCT 5.5KW
  14. Milling machine 20A
  15. Band sawing machine
  16. Straight Lapping Machine 30A
  17. Heat sink Machine
  18. Chamfering machine 2HP/4HP
  19. Straightener 15A/30A/50A
  20. Automatic tapping 1.5W
  21. Drilling machine/Multi-axis drilling
  22. Flow Drilling machine
Inspection & Testing Equipments
  1. Coordinate measuring machine
  2. Electronic three-point inner diameter measuring device
  3. Hardness measuring machine
  4. Plug gauge
  5. The Profilm3D
  6. Projection comparator
  7. Ring gauge
  8. Spectrum analyzer
  9. Surface roughness measuring instrument

Mainly processed materials are listed in the table below. All materials can be RoHS compliant upon request
Copper C3601/ C3602/ C3604/ C5441/ C17300/ C2700/ C97
Steel SCM 415/ SCM 435/ SCM 440/ S15C/ S40C/ S45C/ S50C/ 12L14/ 1215/ SUJ2/ 1144
Aluminum 6061-T6/ 6005-T6/ 6262-T6/ 6082-T6/ 7075-T6/ 2024-T3/ C6802/ 2011-T3/ 2017-T4
Stainless Steel SUS303/ SUS303Cu/ SUS304/ SUS304F/ SUS316/ SUS316L/ SUS416/ SUS430F/ SUS440/ SUS420J2
Fiber Reinforced Plastic {FRP}  

Stamping Division
We have a full range of stamping machines at our factory, which includes C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses and C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses with progressive manufacturing facility.
We are able to manage both small and big roll-out projects that fits your time schedule!  

- Manufacturing Process

- Progressive Parts Production
- Welding Process: 
   We have well trained welders, who are very familiar with automatic robot welding, tig welding, CO2 welding, and spot welding.
   We are confident that we are qualified to meet your requirements either big roll-out project or samll project.


- Tooling Construction: 
   We have our own elite engineers to do tool construction and assembly in-house.
   It is also very easy to our tool maintance and repair, if necessay. We can commit on time delivery.


- Package and Assembly​:
   We have good package environment to make our packaging capacity efficiently.
   Before package, we will do in-house inspection and assembly testing.

Plastic Injection Molding & Parts Division
Our tooling construction process includes: Material, Product characteristics, Number of Cavities, Expect cavity life, Schedule requirements, Mold base steel, Gate type, Machine specification, Delivery way, Quality request, Tolerance requirement.
Machining- Wire cut gun drill, milling EDM, lathing, QC Assembly, trial shot, discussion& evaluation, texture, lapping, heat treatment, electroplating, tool completion.
CAD/ CAM/ CAE System Assistance- Our engineering team in our CAD room work in conjunction with our customers by assisting our clients in designing various components of the project.

Plastic Injection Molding Taiwan Plastic Injection Molding Taiwan Plastic Injection Molding Taiwan
   Plastic Injection Molding Taiwan Plastic Injection Molding Taiwan
 Ramp Tool Ramp Tool 
Ramp Tool Ramp Tool
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